Kragdu (Krag/lin Obfonteri and Yon/du Udonta) is the captain/first mate relationship between Kraglin Obfonteri and Yondu Udonta


  • At some unknown point, Kraglin becomes Yondu's First Mate and has been partners with Yondu for a long time since he knew that they were tasked to give Quill to his father, but refrained from doing so. .
  • Kraglin is loyal to Yondu, and doesn't think twice for betraying him. However, the only time he does betray Yondu is when he points out that no matter how many times Peter betrays them, Yondu still protects his son like the rest of them don't manner.
    • However, it was not Kraglin's goal to indirectly lead a mutiny.

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