Peter and Gamora romantically dancing on Xandar.

Starmora is the fan-dubbed name of the relationship between Gamora and Peter Quill, better known as Star-Lord.

Ship info Edit

  • Gamora and Peter meet each other on Xandar outside the Broker's shop. However, Gamora tried killing him while trying to stealing the Orb from Peter.
  • Both of them hide their feelings for each other, but Peter is more open of his relationship to Gamora over her.
  • They are all on first name terms with each other.

Guardians of the Galaxy Edit

  • Gamora leans up against the wall, and both she and Star-Lord introduce each other, but not before Gamora kicks the orb out of Peter's hand.
  • Both of them continue trying to kill each other wiyh gamora about to kill him only when necessary.
  • Peter doesn't I know who she even was.
  • Gamora calls Peter an honorless thief when they're being transported to the Kyln.
  • Peter worries for Gamora's safety in the Kyln when he asks if the Guards will protect her or not.
  • Peter later intervenes with the prisoners who want to kill Gamora, however, Peter says that be only saved her because she knew where to sell his orb.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Edit


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